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6000 years ago, humankind went extinct. The world ended. It languished. Then it moved on.

Every so often, we dig up remnants. Clues about who was here before us, or signs of their last attempts to hold on; emblems of their dying breaths.

Those dreadful and marvelous Emblems permeate the world with ether; magical radiation that can cause dramatic alterations in the landscape, bizarre mutations in living things, and the formation of impossible structures.

The Emblems are the key to the world.

Emblems of their Dying Breaths is a tabletop role-playing game inspired by video games like Metroid and Persona 5 Strikers. In Emblems, you play as a group of Scavengers; powerful, capable explorers who hunt for magical relics called Emblems by delving into impossible structures formed by supernatural energy radiating through the landscape. By entering these "hideaways" and finding the Emblems that formed them, you turn their powers into your own.

You can also download a text-only copy of the full game at no charge!

Also, be sure to check out VERT SCALE MANSION, a free demo adventure designed to teach you the basics of the game through real play! 


Illuminated by LUMEN

This game is Illuminated, and is made using the LUMEN system created by Spencer Campbell of GilaRPGs. This game is not affiliated with Gila RPGs.

Illuminated by LUMEN

The LUMEN system is inspired by video games like Destiny, Overwatch, and Diablo, and how those games give players a small but powerful set of unique abilities to tear through waves of enemies. 

The rules for Emblems of their Dying Breaths are quick and easy to learn. Actions are resolved using a simple d6 pool system or through a Scavenger making use of one of their Powers. Combat is fast and flashy, with conflicts constantly changing and evolving.

Power Combinations

Emblems of their Dying Breaths doesn’t have distinct character classes or playbooks. Instead, Scavengers choose a combination of individual Powers that they use for combat and exploration. Some Powers gain extra benefits when combined with other Powers, including Powers belonging to other Scavengers! Every dungeon completed awards the group with a new Power, so try out all sorts of loadouts and see what synergies you can find!

Dungeon Delving

Hideaways, the logic-defying dungeons formed by Emblems, are generated dynamically during play using a deck of poker cards. No one knows how the hideaway is laid out or what it contains until it is explored, including the GM!

The Hub

Between missions into hideaways, the Scavengers spend their time on the open road, carried by their unique, trusty vehicle called "the Hub." The Hub transports the group between hideaways and towns, and holds onto any excess Emblems the Scavengers aren't able to take with them on a delve. Like all things in the countryside, the Hub can be upgraded and changed using Emblems, which can be helpful when a group of bandits pull up next to you and pick a fight while your vehicle is still in motion! 


Layout, writing, game design, and graphic design for Emblems of their Dying Breaths were done by Aaron Jolliffe.

This game is Illuminated, and is made using the LUMEN system created by Spencer Campbell of GilaRPGs. This game is not affiliated with Gila RPGs.

Emblems was released as part of LUMEN Jam 2, which is filled with other action-packed and wildly impressive games. Be sure to take a look!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAaron Jolliffe
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing
TagsDice, Exploration, lumen, Metroidvania, Tabletop


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I sent a message in Twitter.

The At-Will power "Far-Blade" says, "Swap places with a target within Near range. This doesn’t count as Moving." 

Many other powers refrence being able to Move as part of the power, but none of the others that I've seen contain this line about not counting as Moving. Does this mean that all the others require you to spend Speed or Energy to Move?

Also, this may be a silly question, but the Tome-blade can give someone Lore "in Near range"... That includes their self, right?

Great questions! 

  1. Moving as part of a power doesn't cost any additional Speed/Energy, but effects that restrict movement can hinder that power. Far-blade is unique in that it bypasses any restrictions to movement, because it doesn't count as moving!
  2. Yes, the Tome-blade can be their own target for granting Lore!

I hope this helps!

Indeed, it does. Thank you!