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The Gleaming One

A legendary Spark, or maybe the original model that inspired the first Sparks, FLARE now lies in an unending sleep. 

The City has been fighting against the Lunar Cult constantly, with each side clamoring to be the ones to bring FLARE back to life. FLARE has changed hands countless times, passed back and forth in a perpetual cycle of corruption and purification.

Every time one group reclaims the body of FLARE, their scientists set to work trying to revive it. Sun shards are swapped out for lunar shards, corrosive Dusk tech is replaced with clean, new age machinery. Each attempt to breathe life back into this ancient being leaves it just a bit different, causing some to wonder if the original FLARE is even still in there….

What is this?

Operation: FLARE is a supplement for Spencer Campbell's (@GilaRPGs) NOVA, a rules-lite action-packed tabletop RPG. It contains brand new material for GMs and players alike to expand and enrich your NOVA campaign, or form the basis for entirely new one-shot games.

Included in Operation: Flare, you will find:

  • New lore surrounding FLARE, a mythic Spark that everyone wants control of.
  • Components, a NOVA interpretation of "magic items" that players can equip to their Sparks to unlock new powers and modifications.
  • Tips for designing your own Components
  • New mission prompts and objectives.
  • A framework for 
  • Guidelines for creating new Elite enemies and promoting ordinary enemies into bigger threats.

The full-priced version of Operation: FLARE also includes striking layout and original artwork! Here's a preview of what you can expect: 

You can also download a printer-friendly, text-only version of Operation: FLARE right now, absolutely free! All of the rules are included, it just doesn't have the art or layout.

All support and sharing is immensely appreciated, and if you end up using any part of Operation: FLARE in your NOVA game, be sure to let me know at @jollaffle on Twitter or right here on itch!

Operation: FLARE was an entry in the NOVA Jam! Be sure to check out the other awesome submissions and start exploring the dangerous Dusk!

Written and Designed by Aaron Jolliffe (@jollaffle). Created for NOVA by Spencer Campbell (@GilaRPGsgilarpgs.com). This product is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

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AuthorAaron Jolliffe
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction RPG, lore, magic-items, nova, Tabletop role-playing game


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