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Rocks tumble ahead of you as you slide down the shale slope into a foggy river valley. As your foot lands in the soil, green light splinters across the ground, leading to a dimly-glowing sigil on the bark of a withered tree. You take a moment to rest and resonate with the mark, but you still feel some soreness from your travels. Something about this sigil, or your connection with it, isn't right.

Enter the Basin

Basin of Defiance is a Realm for Spencer Campbell's RUNE (GilaRPGs), and the follow-up to Queen of the Pass Part I: Coral Rock. This Realm can be played without having played Coral Rock, but some features will be different depending on if you've gone through that Realm first. 

Something in the Basin is wrong. From the sigil to your own weapons, things don't work right here, and an unnatural sensation hangs in the air. You can tell that something big is about to happen, and you don't have much time to stop it.

Basin of Defiance contains:

  • A brand new Realm for RUNE, designed for more seasoned characters with a more developed inventory of weapons and runes
  • New Gear to use in combat and take with you into other Realms
  • New enemies to fight
  • A powerful new Rune, if you can take it from its current wielder.
  • NPC allies that can fight alongside you


Writing, design, and layout by Aaron Jolliffe.

Uses the Dicier font designed by Speak the Sky (Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

Map created using Perilous Shores by watabou

Designed for RUNE by Spencer Campbell (GilaRPGs). This Realm is not otherwise affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Jolliffe
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing, Strategy
TagsExploration, rune, runerealm, Supplement, Tabletop, Tactical, Turn-based


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Development log


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(2 edits) (+1)

Whew, talk about a meaty realm. There's so much to do in here, with so many unique mechanics and systems. Friendly NPCs? In my RUNE?! I think that aspect alone made this feel distinctly like a FromSoftware game in a way that, so far, no other realm I've played has been able to capture. Bravo! Needless to say, I really loved this one.

A note to other players: as the designer's warning says, this realm is not for those who are low on equipment/gear/runes!


And now, the not-so-fun part where I nitpick and point out mistakes and typos that I noticed. If these are corrected, I'll come back and edit this comment to remove this part.

Sigil Clock - the rules for this clock seem to indicate that it fills to 6 segments and stays that way, until the Engraved does something that causes it to gain another segment, at which point it would then clear itself. Is this correct? If so, that could probably use some clarification since it contrasts against the normal rules for cyclical clocks.

Point 3 - the Fight's text lists one Soldier's location as A2 but it should be A3.

Point 3 - the lower diagram shows a 'C' character on the grid rather than an 'R' (to represent the unique enemy here).

Point 5 - the Fight's text is missing some permanent terrain spaces.

Point 6 - the Fight's text has the Engraved starting in the wrong space.

Point 8 - the enemies are listed only starting at C1 in the text.

Point 8 - the enemies keyed under the diagram are incorrect; they don't appear in the Fight at this Point.

Point 9 - the Fight's terrain descriptions are totally different than what the diagram shows.

Shaver's Heist - Wave 3 text lists Hound in the wrong space.

Shaver's Heist - "NPC Fate: Shaver" is listed as being on page 24, which is true if you enter that number in your PDF viewer. But the label on the page itself marks it as #23.

Surveyor Rolia - this NPC's card is only present in the separate PDF containing all the cards.

NPC Fate: Surveyor Rolia - the bullet points refer to the pieces of gear as "Mapmaker's Pen" rather than what's shown on the cards ("Cartographer's Pen").

NPC Fate: Shaver - In the first bullet point, Shaver is referred to with "she" as a pronoun. (This is the only exception, so I'm assuming Shaver's pronouns should be he/him.)


Thank you for the great notes! I'm glad you enjoyed playing! 

I'm aiming to have the final part of this trilogy of Realms out by the end of the month, so I'll plan to put out corrections for this and Coral Rock alongside that!