Aaron Jolliffe

Procedural Generation for RUNE
A 2-sided realm for RUNE and REAP
A game design aid for RUNE
More starter gear for RUNE
A mini-Realm for RUNE
An expansion for HUNT (demo available)
Swappable reference sheets for HUNT
A crafty, versatile class for Slayers
A haunting press-your-luck class for Slayers
A kinetic, improvisational class for Slayers
A high-level realm for RUNE. Part 3 of the Queen of the Pass trilogy.
A low-level stealth realm for RUNE

Complete Games

Full, ready-to-play games by me!

Supplements & Add-Ons

Add-Ons I've made for other games

RUNE Content

Realms and supplements for GilaRPGs' solo souls-like RUNE

Slayers Content